A Unique Approach To Texas Hill Country Land Development

Over 150 years ago, settlers came to the area now known as Preservation Ranch, inspired by its wide open spaces and the opportunity to live a lifestyle that brought them closer to the land.

Preservation Ranch is home to a number of unique species of plants, as well as a vast array of birds and wildlife. We’re committed to conservation, recognizing the importance of maintaining the land these plants and creatures call home.

We recently had a biologist onsite to complete a Spring Breeding Bird Survey report, and to identify notable native plant species. In just two hours, he identified 53 different species of birds, and commented that Preservation Ranch had one of the most abundant and greatest diversity of songbird species he had seen.

Just imagine the undiscovered treasures at Preservation Ranch.

Native Flora

  • Damianita
  • Evergreen Sumac
  • Escarpment Blackcherry
  • Texas Madrone Tree (Arbutus Xalapensis)
  • Wild Dewberry
  • Live Oak Trees
  • Prickly Pear
  • Sycamore
  • Hackberry
  • Elbowbush
  • Mature Juniper
  • Texas Oak
  • Cedar
  • Elm
  • Buckeye
  • Red buckeye
  • Buttonbush
  • Little Bluestem
  • Switchgrass
  • Seep Muhly
  • Sideoats grama

Notable Bird Species

  • Painted Bunting
  • Vermillion Flycatcher
  • Orchard Oriole
  • Northern Bobwhite Quail
  • Northern Crested Caracara also known as the Mexican Eagle
  • Red-tailed hawk

Other Birds

  • Wild Turkey
  • Black Vulture
  • Wild Vulture
  • Red-shouldered Hawk
  • Common Ground Dove
  • White-winged Dove
  • Common Ground Hawk
  • Mourning Dove
  • Yellow Billed Cuckoo
  • Greater Roadrunner
  • Chimney Swift
  • Black Chinned Hummingbird
  • Common Nighthawk
  • Chuck Will’s Widow
  • Red Bellied Woodpecker
  • Eastern Phoebe
  • Ash Throated Flycatcher
  • Greater Crested Flycatcher
  • Western Kingbird
  • Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
  • White-eyed Vireo
  • Yellow-throated Vireo
  • Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay
  • American Crow
  • Purple Martin
  • Cliff Swallow
  • Barn Swallow
  • Carolina Chickadee
  • Black-crested Titmouse
  • Carolina Wren
  • Berwick’s Wren
  • Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Northern Mockingbird
  • Black-and-White Warbler
  • Yellow-breasted Chat
  • Rufous-crowned Sparrow
  • Chipping Sparrow
  • Field Sparrow
  • Lark Sparrow
  • Grasshopper Sparrow
  • Summer Tanager
  • Northern Cardinal
  • Blue Grosbeak
  • Painted Bunting
  • Brown-headed Cowbird
  • Orchard Oriole
  • House Finch
  • Lesser Goldfinch
  • House Sparrow
  • European Collared-Dove

At Preservation Ranch, we’re proud of our commitment to sustainability and conservation as an integral part of our vision for the community.


Preservation Ranch

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