Built on a Desire For Independence and Freedom

Bee Cave, Texas

Just 14 miles west of Austin – has always called to a unique type of individual. The idea of an area where people could live without the influence of “big city” government has been the area’s calling card for over 140 years.

Wide Open Spaces

It might surprise you to know that Bee Cave only became a city in 1987. In the 1850s, the Bohls family was among the first to settle in the area where Barton Creek met Little Barton Creek. The story is told that at that time, the population of Austin had reached 900, and Dietrich Bohls wanted to move his family far away from the crowded city. The Bee Cave area was still inhabited by Native Americans and other settlers were scarce, so Bohls found the area and its wide open spaces to his liking.

Bee Cave’s Namesake

The area derived its name from the colonies of Mexican honeybees that lived in the banks of Barton Creek and Little Barton Creek. In 2013, these historic bee caves were discovered on the property of local residents and today, tours are offered, although there are few bees to be found.


1987, the City of Bee Cave administration had its humble, but proud, beginning in a nondescript portable building. The City of Bee Cave encompassed a two-square mile area with 8,800 acres of extraterritorial jurisdiction. In 2013 a Home Rule Charter was approved and the city government was formed. Today Bee Cave is home to the Hill Country Galleria Shopping Center, with national anchor stores, local boutiques, and a mouthwatering array of culinary delights!


Peacock at Preservation Ranch

Preservation Ranch