#1 The Equestrian
With the communities southernmost location, this homesite offers the quickest access to the gated entrance. The topography of this lot offers heavily wooded specimen live-oaks and a flat build-site. The southern portion of the land is sloped and offers beautiful elevation change. This area has great soil and abundant native grasses; great for the equestrian lover. An added bonus is the hidden ravine that shelters hidden springs with unique flora, fauna, and ferns. Lot 1 and Lot 2 combined as a double lot would be a horse-lovers dream.
Lot #1
#2 The Stables
This gorgeous ranchette offers some of the most spectacular views within Preservation Ranch. Glimpses of Lake Travis and beyond can be captured from the northern portion of this heavenly homesite. Beautiful hardwoods abound, and nearly 20 years of love by the previous ranch owner have created fenced pastures cleared of rock and fertilized with years of soil enhancements. The southern tip offers a beautiful ridge for afternoon horse rides, or perhaps an ideal destination for an evening walk, or sitting spot for wine with friends. Lot 2 and 1 combined would be a horse-lovers dream.
Lot #2
#3 The McConaughey
Crowning its own distinct hilltop, The McConaughey is one of the most amazing and picturesque homesites we’ve ever seen. From the moment you arrive at the entrance of this homesite, it makes a commanding statement that you’ve arrived. The driveway gently traverses along a single ridge, bordered by dramatic canyons below on the Eastern and Western portions of the drive. The driveway is anchored by a specimen Red Oak which offers gorgeous orange and red tones each fall. The driveways continue under a canopy of live oaks which call to your sense of curiosity as you see glimpses of the remarkable building envelope. The hilltop homesite offers vistas in every direction, and the canyons below offer the best location to take in the fall foliage for the surrounding canyons filled with Red Oak trees. This exquisite homesite maintains a sense of seclusion and offers exceptional views of a lake below. The McConaughey evokes and atmosphere of both prestige and intimacy and serves as the focal point for Preservation Ranch.
Lot #3
#4 The Preserve
Perched upon a dramatic crest, high above your own private & heavily wooded canyon, these stunning westward facing views offer dramatic sunsets. Hidden draws and ravines abound this property and call to the nature lover who loves hiking their own preserve land. The dramatic elevation change affords the owner unique discretion to integrate the residence directly overlooking a backdrop that feels like your own private preservation. "The Preserve" serves as an idyllic canvas, suitable for the for the homeowner and architect wanting balance and harmony with nature and the hill country.
Lot #4
#5 The Homestead
Preservation Ranch offers nearly 930 acres of the most stunning and captivating land anywhere in central Texas. The previous owners chose "The Homestead" as their favorite area within the entire ranch. Towering live oaks offer seclusion and privacy from the east, at the entrance of the property. As you drive gently downhill, you will see the primary home and detached 3-story office with retractable roof. A beautiful wooden bridge spans a seasonal stream below to connect the 2 structures. After heavy rains, the stream cascades off of an elevated bluff beyond the home's pool. To the West, at the rear of the property, you will see views of the adjacent conservation ranches, offering reassurance of views protected into perpetuity. A trail behind the house leads down to Bee Creek below the house. A rock grotto lined with ferns, and filled with bluegill and native bass offer a serene setting that feels like it should be a state park. Beyond Bee Creek, and old peach orchard and garden capitalize on ideal soil for growing and orchard, or vineyard. Unique relic Madrone trees have also placed a foothold beyond the creek’s edge, and gorgeous rock outcroppings evoke a sense of peace and solitude difficult to find so close to the City.
Lot #5
#6 Canyon Creek
This gorgeous tract has Bee Creek gently flowing thru the western portion of the property. Beyond the creek are scenic green belt views, great hard woods, rock bluffs to explore, and captivating sunsets. A relatively flat build site and close proximity to the community fishing pond make this highly coveted.
Lot #6
#7 Serenity
This little gem sits near the bottom of a long hillside and is a short stroll to the community fishing pond. An existing home has charm and was tastefully designed. It has a rock bluff to the west and overlooks Bee Creek. It currently serves as the real estate office for the community.
Lot #7
#8 Waterford
This uniquely positioned homesite rests atop a secluded and very private bench overlooking the community fishpond. To the south are long view corridors overlooking the river valley encompassing Bee Creek. This property shares a fence with a large conservation ranch ensuring continued privacy. Views beyond the fishing pond stretch beyond toward the heart of Preservation Ranch, where the horizontal glen rose formations can be seen etched into the distant hillsides. Truly spectacular and one-of-a-kind. For the buyer seeking a double lot with more land to spread out, Lot 8 and 9 combined offer 45 acres to call your own.
Lot #8
#9 Creeks Edge
This haven will speak to your soul. It overlooks one of the finest stretches of Bee Creek on the entire ranch. The homesite is perched on top of an elevated bluff. Its unique location provides privacy, creek valley views, and distant hillside views. There is a spring located on the northwest portion of the property, so there is an abundance of wildlife including turkey, quail, whitetail deer, and large numbers of songbirds. For the buyer seeking a double lot with more land to spread out, Lot 9 and 8 combined offer 45 acres to call your own.
Lot #9
#10 The Bend
At 43 generous acres, this prized ranchette will be coveted by many. It’s unique location above a bend in Bee Creek offers views of the creek in 2 directions: upstream to the South, and downstream to the East. It is extremely secluded and has 2 gorgeous rock bluffs framing the creek. Specimen Live Oaks with large exposed roots anchor themselves to massive boulders, and seemingly float out from the bluff, overhanging the stream. A fertile river valley below offers rich soils, green native grasses, and additional large hardwoods.
Lot #10
#11 The Confluence
The beauty of the Hill Country is known for its beautiful streams, life oaks, and limestone bluffs. What is rare in central Texas, is the opportunity to have your forever home, perched above 2 streams which meet at a confluence. The setting where these streams meet is unlike no other. This highly fertile delta offers large live oaks and a large volume of red oaks. Back yard views during the fall will offer post-card like backdrops as the leaves transition to yellow, red, and orange hues. Beyond the confluence is a horse-shoe shaped bend in the creek, and a dramatic limestone bluff with large grey boulders aged with mosses and ferns. This idyllic property is one to be passed down to multiple generations.
Lot #11
#12 Moreh
A uniquely named lots draws from scripture in the old testament describing a large oak tree on a mount where Abraham chose to build his alter. This special homesite holds a true Texas gem. It possesses one of the largest Madrone trees (Arbutus Xalapensis) in entire state of Texas. A recent study of the tree suggests it might even be a contender for the 2nd largest in the state, and only slightly smaller than 1 found in Big Bend State park. Commonly known as the Texas Madrone, or naked Indian tree, it’s only found in canyons and mountains, on rocky plains and at higher altitudes. It’s bright red berries, and smooth exfoliating red bark make this relic a prized tree to have. A nearby homesite will capture southwestern views toward the heart of the ranch. The elevation also overlooks the unique confluence of 2 streams which beautifully merge together below. Abundant wildlife continues to be spotted on this particularly special tract.
Lot #12
#13 The Hideaway
At the northeastern most corner of Preservation Ranch, this corner lot offers a discreet location to build a dream home. A small, but steep hill provides for unique topography on this lot. Multiple locations offer flat building envelopes, and dramatic views can be seen from every direction at the highest point on the hilltop. It’s heavily wooded with oaks, junipers, and madrone trees.
Lot #13
#14 Seclusion
This dramatic homesite has 2 canyons on site. The steep elevation offers beautiful perch-points from above and have heavily wooded hillsides offering a backdrop like no other. This homesite has wonderful breezes throughout the seasons and will capture stunning sunsets to the west.
Lot #14
#15 The Point
This homesite is located on a remote section of Preservation Ranch, separated by an unnamed seasonal tributary. The ideal homesite overlooks the stream to the west, and a dramatic ravine to the North. Where these to low points meet, is also near the confluence of Bee Creek offering a private bowl-shaped canyon, and abundant wildlife.
Lot #15
#16 The Wishing Well
This ranchette has geographic folds, creases, and outcroppings that look they have been carved by the hands of time. A steep hillside to the East presents a dramatic backdrop of greenery. To the West, where the elevation is at its lowest, the property line rests along an unnamed tributary, and hides a dramatic waterfall covered in moss, ferns, and other rare fauna. Below the waterfall, shelters a crystal-clear swimming hole to be enjoyed during the wet-weather seasons.
Lot #16
#17 The Hillside
This homesite has one of the steepest and most dramatic hillsides in all of Preservation Ranch. Halfway up the center hillside offers an ideal build site. It overlooks a seasonal stream below, then offers westward views capturing the center of Preservation Ranch. A romantic driveway approaches the property via a stream crossing, then proceeds under a canopy of sycamore trees which offer bright green foliage in the spring, and beautiful yellow leaves in the fall. The future homeowner will be nestled in nature and will undoubtedly notice the transition of the seasons on this special homesite.
Lot #17
#18 Twin Canyons
A creek crossing under a canopy of thickly wooded Sycamore trees greet you as your driveway slowly climbs up to a build-site with commanding westward facing views. At 35 acres, this is one of the largest and most heavily wooded homesites in Preservation Ranch. A long sloping ridge is flanked by 2 opposing canyons. A saddle in the ridge offers an ideal building envelope which overlooks distant, unspoiled hillsides within the ranch. This site is ideal for the discreet buying seeking views, privacy, and abundant wildlife.
Lot #18
#19 The Lookout
This lot is tucked away at the end of a secluded road within Preservation Ranch. Solitude, privacy, views, and lack of noise are key features for this peaceful homesite. A long, heavily-wooded ridge has deep canyons on either side with multiple seeps and springs at the base. The driveway slowly climbs the ridge arriving at building envelope which overlooks hillsides across the canyon, and dramatic evening sunsets.
Lot #19
#20 The Summit
At 1287 feet of elevation, this is potentially the 3rd highest peak in all of Travis County. And from what can be found online, there are no homes located on the 1st and 2nd highest peak, so the home on this homesite could possibly be the highest in the county. The Summit commands an inspiring and lofty stature within the community; towering high above the adjacent hilltops. Several Mexican eagles, also known as Crested Caracara’s, have been spotted soaring at eye-level of this Summit. For 2 decades, this location served as a large riding arena. The soil levels and native grasses have been restored and are thriving. Some of the largest specimen Live Oaks also anchor the driveway as you approach the perfect building envelope. Views of Lake Travis and beyond can be seen from this location, and simply can’t be found anywhere else in the county. Below the peak is a gently sloping ridge that stairsteps all the way down the canyon floor.
Lot #20
#21 The Landing
With one of the highest elevations in Preservation ranch, this homesite has commanding views to the north, and northeast. Cool breezes are prevalent at this elevation. The southern portion of the property is highlighted by 2 perch-points which offer ideal homesites. Toward the rear of the property (north), the elevation continues to decline to a point where 2 canyons intersect. Hill country fauna and flora take root in this special location.
Lot #21
#22 The Knob
This beautiful lot has a long ridge that extends away from the community road and offers a building envelope perched out on the tip of the ridge, overlooking small canyons on either side. Below the ridge, at the lowest elevation, you will find a hidden seasonal stream. The limestone formations within the stream are unlike any other found on Preservation Ranch. A small crevasse hides some of the most unique flora and fauna in the area.
Lot #22
#23 Long Rock
This long and slender ranchette offers the most frontage along the road within the community. The elevation gradually transitions from high to low, and at the lowest point, is the location of the shared community pond. A flat building envelope to the east offers privacy, and one of the closest buildable locations to a scenic wet-weather stream.
Lot #23
#24 The Oak
This homesite is located within the heart of the community. Its elevation is centrally located, offering vista views, but also maintaining privacy. A gorgeous driveway begins its approach to the homesite along an oak tree lined ridge-top which has small canyons on opposing sides. As you arrive to the highest point on this ranchette, you will find a specimen Live Oak anchoring the summit. Vista views can be seen in nearly all directions. The proximity to the community fishing pond makes this a highly coveted home within Preservation Ranch. A rock bluff overlooking this body of water offers unique and private view corridors of the water, and wildlife below. A true gem!
Lot #24
#25 The Pasture
"The Pasture" captures some of the closest views of the beautiful rock bluffs anchoring Bee Creek. The ideal homesite is perched high above the stream, offering both river valley and native grassland views. To the north, the lot slopes down toward the valley. The soils are rich here, and the native grasses thrive. An ideal location for the equestrian homeowner.
Lot #25
#26 Glen Rose
An ideal site for anyone wanting a distinctly harmonious architectural location. The rear of the home would face south, looking up at three canyons which all converge together. Much of the cedar has been cleared along these canyons, and several of the horizontal glen rose rock formations can be clearly seen from the rear of the property. A truly stunning location like no other within Preservation Ranch.
Lot #26
#27 The Ravine
"The Ravine" is a long rectangular shaped lot overlooking one of the largest canyons centrally located within Preservation Ranch. A seasonal pond is located at the lowest point within the canyon. Summer breezes and western views allow for stunning evening sunsets.
Lot #27
#28 The Ridge
This distinctively positioned homesite seemingly floats above the ranch, offering rare views not offered by any other lot within Preservation Ranch. This lengthy and private driveway approaches the homesite at the high point of the ridge, with large oaks trees providing a canopy from the east, and a dramatic cliff side to the west. An ideal build-site rests atop the summit, and the remainder of the property continues to slope lower and lower along your own private hillside. At the base of this lot, you will find seeps, springs, and unique fauna and flora.
Lot #28
#29 Prominent Point
Adjacent to one of the highest locations within Preservation Ranch, this North-East facing lot offers stunning vista views. To the east, steep & heavily wooded bluffs can be seen. A large, flat building envelope has majestic live oaks, and ample room to spread out. The quality of the views combined with an expansive flat area at the summit, makes for an ideal build-site for the buyer seeking large usable space and and oversized yard.
Lot #29
#30 The Grove
A gorgeous lot with vista views. Given the proximity to the main road, a short driveway connects to an ideal building location, anchored by a grove of tall Live Oaks. Canyons on either side offer privacy to the east. At the center of this property a steep ravine reveals hidden limestone layers that have been formed over the millennia. To the east, tall heavily wooded bluffs frame flight corridors for local Mexican eagles soaring high above a seasonal stream down below.
Lot #30
#31 The Mountain
One of the most unique tracts within Preservation Ranch, this ranchette essentially encompasses an entire hilltop, a narrow ridge would serve as an elegant driveway bridging the homesite to the community. A small grove of Live Oaks rest atop the highest point, offering an ideal homesite. The sides of the hill have been cleared of cedar and the native Texas grasses have reclaimed what was theirs long ago. A truly picturesque setting that offers glimpses of what central Texas grassland may have looked like long ago, before evasive cedars continued to take root.
Lot #31
#32 Grassland
One of a small number of lots located inside of a hidden valley within Preservation Ranch. This homesite feels tucked-in between a small hillside to the east, and grasslands to the west and north. Rich soils and thriving native grasses offer another ideal location for an owner who loves horses. A dry stream bed traverses the lot from south to north, eventually feeding into bee creek below. Diversity of terrain are key features for this homesite.
Lot #32
#33 The Sanctuary
Located at the end of a long ridge extending to the north of the property, this unique ranchette offers a diversity of views unlike others within Preservation Ranch. To the west, views of a sycamore-lined seasonal stream stretch beyond to steep heavily wooded bluffs. To the north, views below capture one of the prettiest corridors within Preservation Ranch. To the west, grass lands prevail, as most of the cedars have been removed. Rich soils offer another ideal homesite for the lover of horses.
Lot #33